Host a Book Drive

Host a Book Drive for Cedar Valley Readers

Hosting a book drive is a great way to help Cedar Valley Readers provide free books to area kids. It can also be a fun way to motive your coworkers or create a little friendly competition at the workplace!


Here are a few things to think about if you are interested in hosting a book drive.

Build a network: Decide where your team will collect books. Good locations include the office, small retail businesses, and local schools. Each team member can choose one location to target. At each location ask for approval (see attached letter) and locate boxes in a highly visible area.

Select books: Decide what books will be collected. Often, people donate books that are familiar from childhood but not necessarily appropriate for current audiences. We would be happy to provide you with a list of great books!

Organize logistics: A typical book drive lasts two-three weeks. The materials you will need include boxes, storage space for collected books, and flyers.

Plan a Kick-Off event: Kick-off your book drive with an event! You can host a party and ask each attendee to bring a book. You can partner with your faith group to request books at service. Cedar Valley Readers would love to help you promote your drive.

Consider incentives: Motivate your friends and co-workers to donate by creating a competition or organizing a raffle. Keep track of which location gathers the greatest number books. Record which individual contributes the greatest number of books. Recognize the donors with certificates or awards.

Contact Lekeisha Veasley for more information on how to get started!