Below is a collection of tips for parents on ways to incorporate reading and literacy into children’s everyday routines. For printable resources, like calendars and checklists, visit our collection of printable resources.

5 At-Home Reading Strategies Guaranteed to Improve Reading Skills

By Hannah Cleveland, Reading Partners, Sept. 1, 2015

Six Literacy Experiences Children Should Have Every Day

 by Richard Allington and Rachael Gabriel in ‘Educational Leadership’, March 2012 (Vol. 69, #6, p. 10-15)

Reading Tips for Parents11

This excellent resource created by the public television station WETA provides tip sheets for parents in 11 different languages. Find a tip sheet that fits your child’s age, print it out and post it in your home for an easy reminder to keep reading!

Parent Toolkit: Academic Tips and Guides22

The Center for School, Family and Community Partnerships at Johns Hopkins University created a Parent Toolkit with tips and advice for how to best provide support as your child progresses through school.