Why join the Campaign for Grade Level Reading?

Joining the Campaign provides our community access to the resources, networking, and tools being collected at a national level, all at no cost.  With more than 240 other communities, the Campaign focuses on sharing best practices and providing communities with support to help children reach reading proficiency.  Learn more about the Campaign at their website.

Is Cedar Valley Readers an organization that creates programming?

Cedar Valley Readers represents a collaboration of nonprofits, businesses and schools working together to share resources and best practices to support children to achieve reading proficiency. We do not create public programs, but support new and existing programs by promoting literacy activities, providing books and resources, and cross-promoting opportunities (and celebrating successes!) through our media channels.

Who runs Cedar Valley Readers?

As a collaboration, Cedar Valley Readers is not run by one organization in the traditional sense.  Our Steering Committee meets monthly to review the work of Cedar Valley Readers and provide suggestions to help the subcommittees meet their goals. Our staff is housed in the offices of Operation Threshold in Waterloo, Iowa and includes Karlene Izer, Coalition Coordinator, and Stephanie Shavers, Program Coordinator.

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